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IFI: LOVE (If I Love) Standard Edition

A mysterious phone call summons you to the Idea Factory International office…

Once you arrive, you are greeted by faces that are oddly familiar, yet none seem to recognize you.

Welcome to the world of game publishing, where the Cost of Games to create a title is an outpouring of human emotion, and the only way to harness that emotion is to…fall in love with a coworker?!

Can you build a relationship strong enough to create the next big game? What mysteries are behind your coworkers’ alter egos? And can a work mate truly become…a soul mate? An adventure full of danger, intrigue, and romance awaits!

Key Features

  • Party of 5 - Get close with five (or more…?) office mates, each with their own unique branching storylines and hidden pasts. But beware! If your advances are too strong, you may be in for a reprimand from HR…
  • Playing Games With Your Heart - Unlock office mini-games like billiards, darts, and poker to build your relationships and reveal special event scenes! Plus, you’ll brighten up the workplace with furniture and accessories, but you’ll need to complete the Office Clean Up Puzzle first!
  • Is this Love or Corporate Espionage? - What’s the true Cost of Games? As you work on the Master ROM, you’ll delve deeper into the mystery of why these people seem so familiar…
  • Workin’ 9 to 5 - Relationships are important, but you’ve still got a job to do! Choose to join either the Localization, Marketing, or Design departments, then spend 8 hours of your day (real-time) on your work, with occasional dialogue sequences. Don’t forget to put in your lunch punch!
Visual Novel
Release Date:
Fremptember 2021

8 Reviews

  • 5
    truly a fulfilling game

    Posted by ssbb7777brawler on 4th Aug 2021

    IFIlove looks like a typical visual novel at first , but after spending a few precious moments of my time , i soon came to the realization that this is what i consider to be "one of the greats" in all of history.

    the events in this game turn standard moments into dramatic life provoking ones thus taking a new spin on not only it's genre but gaming as a whole.

    IFIlove is a game that subverts expectations , talks to you on a personal level and can bring hope , happiness and most importantly love to those who have the chance to play it.

    i cannot suggest this game enough.

  • 5
    Game of the year candidate

    Posted by Methrael on 23rd Jun 2021

    I especially loved the mini game where we sat around and made up songs about fruit with the crew. Absolute masterpiece.

  • 5

    Posted by MindlessBaka on 23rd Jun 2021

    You can't give a score to pure perfection. 5/5 isn't a high enough score to give the greatest video game created by mortals. 555555/5 is more appropriate for this. The game will be carved into digital entertainment for thousands of years to come. By the year 5000, IFI: Love will be the most ported game of all time, giving humans instant access to the game when equipped with hololens. The game continues to inspire spinoffs and fan made games in the year 5000. I'm happy to see this game in my lifetime.

  • 5
    World Peace aquired

    Posted by Nazgul4 on 23rd Jun 2021

    Never have I thought that a game would be able to heal broken hearts and crushed souls, but here it is! Charming characters, funny events and a plot twist that will hit you catch you completely off guard. Definitely my favorite game of the century! #Robfu is best Waifu <3

  • 5
    Best game ever!!!

    Posted by Luis A Alvarado on 23rd Jun 2021

    Highly recommended!!! I always taught that neptunia games (own almost alll limited editions) are the best in the world however this new game overpass everything I saw in my 38 years of life.

  • 5
    It's a godsend

    Posted by Admiral pOnk on 22nd Apr 2021

    I've played this game to completion, gotten every ending, now I'm just searching for easter eggs

  • 5
    greatest game of all time

    Posted by Thomas Baughman on 13th Apr 2021

    it cured my depression, 10/10

  • 5
    Almost the best game ever made!

    Posted by Thomas Votik on 2nd Apr 2021

    Had I the opportunity to play this, it would have been my favorite Visual Novel I've ever played. Since I've never played a VN before, I guess that good! Life in the office can be hard, strenuous work. But with all those Neptunia products staring at you everyday, there's no way you can fail!

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