Grab a Bite Before Battle to Boost Your Friends in Dusk Diver 2!

Grab a Bite Before Battle to Boost Your Friends in Dusk Diver 2!

Posted by Team IFFY on 16th Sep 2022

Restaurants and landmarks of Ximending come to life in Dusk Diver 2, available now in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. But some of these locations are more than just spots for the Guardians of Kunlun to hang out. Restaurants serve Yumo and the others xiao chi, or what some refer to as Taiwanese street food. These appetizing offerings not only fill up your Hunger Meter, they also provide various buffs that can temporarily power up Yumo and the gang. Properly managing your Hunger Meter and meal benefits can often give you an edge against tricky bosses or large swarms of Chaos Beasts. In honor of the real locations and the in-game power-ups players receive, let’s take a look at some of the delicacies of Ximending, and explore some stat boosts these tasty dishes provide for our protagonist and her teammates.

Ya Rou Bian

On the corner of Zhonghua Rd. and Wuchang St., the entrance to Ya Rou Bian, a restaurant steeped in over 65 years of Ximending history, continues to welcome locals and tourists alike. Its wooden sign draped over an awning reads “The Duck House,” even though they only serve goose meat. In Dusk Diver 2, that same entrance welcomes Yang Yumo and her friends. Here, they can enjoy a xiao chi staple. Ya Rou Bian is a mainstay of Ximending culture. Its cozy ambiance and specialty goose meat are faithfully represented in the streets of Dusk Diver 2.

“Goose Rice Noodles”

Stat Boost: “Quick Switch (S)”

Contrary to their “Duck House” namesake, Ya Rou Bian dishes out a mean bowl of "Goose Rice Noodles" that provides the Party Buff “Quick Switch (S),” which reduces the amount of cooldown when switching characters by 80%. Sliced goose meat served with bean sprouts and green onions atop rice noodles, this affordable xiao chi really hits the spot.

“Goose Legs”

Party Buff: “Shorten SP Cooldown (L)”

Are you a foodie with a refined sense of taste? You might want to try out Ya Rou Bian’s signature "Goose Legs." These are served with goose oil and provide the Party Buff “Shorten SP Cooldown (L),” which allows for quicker recovery of SP meter in battle. Since battles usually call for regular use of SP skills, this delicacy provides flavor and a valuable stat boost.

J & G Chicken

What once was a food stall in 1973, J & G Chicken now serves their legendary recipe in over 300 restaurants, including some locations in Canada and Malaysia! But in Ximending, J & G can be found on Hanzhong street, not too far from the MRT station.  Here you can spot their chicken mascot looking over Rainbow Crossing. With signature fried foods like their “Popcorn Chicken” and “Oyster Mushrooms”, J & G Chicken is perfect for anyone looking for some xiao chi on-the-go. Plus, it’s right around the corner from Tumaz Mart!

“Popcorn Chicken”

Party Buff: “Status Ailment Resist (M)”

This xiao chi favorite is made with dozens of hand-picked spices and fresh chicken breast that is delivered daily. This fried snack provides the Party Buff “Status Ailment Resist (M),” which decreases the chances of being affected by enemy-induced status ailments by 20%. This is particularly useful in dungeons that have enemies that cause status ailments like “electrified,” “burning,” and “water shackle.”

“Fried King Oyster Mushrooms”

Party Buff: “Increases SP Recovery (M)”

Paired with a special garlic & ground pepper seasoning, the “Fried King Oyster Mushrooms” are a nice plant-based alternative to the signature “Popcorn Chicken.” On top of this, they also pump Yumo and the Guardians up with the Party Buff “Increases SP Recovery (M),” which boosts SP recovery by 20% each second. Munch on some tasty mushrooms and keep your SP gauge fully stocked!

Red House Tea Shop

One of the most iconic landmarks in Ximending, the Red House Tea Shop is a sight to see! Throughout the years, the Red House Tea Shop has transformed from a Chinese opera theater, to a movie theater, and even Taiwan’s first official market. It has even been designated as a historic site. Visit the Red House Tea Shop in Dusk Diver 2 and try their selection of beverages and snacks. The teas and lattes are Ximending favorites!

“Hazelnut Latte”

Party Buff: “Heal (L)”

Looking for something sweet and creamy to cool you off while you rid the Ximending streets of Chaos Beasts? You can’t go wrong with Red House Tea Shop’s “Hazelnut Latte,” which also provides the Party Buff “Heal (L).” Increase your character’s HP recovery rate by 30 % with decadent espresso coffee that blends hazelnut and caramel flavors. The milk froth topping adds just the right amount of richness a fine latte needs!

“Chamomile Oolong Tea”

Party Buff: “Drop Rate Up (S)”

Red House Tea Shop’s “Chamomile Oolong Tea” is a refreshing take on a favorite amongst tea connoisseurs. With its perfect blend of high-quality chamomile and oolong, this simple beverage also provides the Party Buff “Drop Rate Up (S),” which slightly increases the chances of item drops. Sip on this relaxing concoction and keep an eye out for those item drops!

Laotianlun Braised Foods

Since Laotianlun Braised Foods was originally established near Ximending’s movie theaters, patrons made sure to stop by for some braised “Duck Tongue” or marinated “Duck Wings” on their way to their next movie showing. Laotianlun Braised Foods has been serving their saucy xiao chi to Taipei movie-goers for decades, with more than 60 years of history under their belt! This award-winning restaurant prides itself in carefully selected sauces and ingredients that keep hungry cinephiles coming back!

“Duck Tongue”

Party Buff: “EXP Boost (S)”

Although some view the presentation off-putting, the taste of Laotianlu Braised Foods’ “Duck Tongue” is undeniable. Marinated with selected Chinese herbs, the “Duck Tongue” also provides an extremely valuable Party Buff: “EXP Boost (S),” which increases the rate at which you receive experience points by 20%. Take some time out of grinding level-ups and enjoy this Ximending delicacy.

“Duck Wings”

Party Buff: “Quick Switch (S)”

These slowly-simmered “Duck Wings” are marinated to perfection. Next time you’re catching a movie in town, skip on the popcorn and grab some Laotianlu “Duck Wings!” This tasty xiao chi also provides the Party Buff “Quick Switch (S),” which drastically reduces cooldown rate for switching between characters in battle. Grab some “Duck Wings” and never drop a character-switch combo!

Ay Chung Noodles

Tourists and locals alike can’t resist Ay Chung Noodles, one of the most crowded xiao chi vendors in Ximending. Originally, there was no seating available and you could spot the crowd of hungry customers lined up, patiently awaiting their noodles—hot and ready to serve in an iconic white container emblazoned with the Ay Chung Noodles logo. Their famous flour rice noodles, rich in texture and flavor, are by far the most popular item on the sparse menu. Even the Guardians of Kunlun keep coming back for this delicious and affordable dish.

“Flour Rice Noodles”

Party Buff: “Increases Damage (S)”

Ay Chung Noodles’ “Flour-Rice Noodles” are a go-to for any xiao chi fanatic. The piping-hot broth and soft noodles provide a welcoming sensation to locals and tourists alike. These “Flour-Rice Noodles” also provide the Party Buff “Increases Damage (S),” which helps boost your damage during battle. If you’re struggling with a particular boss fight or challenging dungeon, the “Flour-Rice Noodles” from Ay-Chung Noodles is a must-have!

Can’t get enough xiao chi? Prepare yourself for battle with this curated menu and much more, when you explore the streets of Ximending in Dusk Diver 2, out now for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch! Purchase the Dusk Diver 2 Launch Edition today, which includes an OST, softcover artbook, an outer box, and an exclusive trading card!