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Death end re;Quest Standard Edition (Nintendo Switch)

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 * Limited restock available now!
 * Includes reversible cover sleeve!

Death end re;Quest takes the classic turn-based RPG and turns it on its head, allowing you to jump at will between the RPG action of the game world, and the investigative visual novel segments of the real world. In the game world, players brawl in engaging RPG battles! Blast enemies and chain your attacks with the Knockback system or switch game genres from RPG into fighting, shooting, slot, puzzle, and billiards – the choice is yours. Game development may seem all fun and games until the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur.

* Includes ALL DLC released for the original PlayStation®4 version on cartridge!

Key Features

  • Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? - Choose between jumping into reality and in-game modes. Investigate the real world in the form of a visual novel to solve what lies underneath World Odyssey. Or dive into World's Odyssey, where Shina can explore its dungeons and battle its enemies. Every choice made in both real and in-game modes can affect who will live to see another day or who will unearth the dark truths of World’s Odyssey.
  • Turn-Based RPGs Flipped Upside Down - In this turn-based battle system, players can freely roam and duke it out with glitched-out monsters. Smack them into walls and to your party members to activate “Knockback” combos. And when certain conditions are met, players can change the game’s genre from fighting, shooting, slot, puzzle, and billiards! Players can also utilize “Field Bugs” scattered throughout the battlefield to increase a character’s Corruption – a key feature to transform characters into Glitch Mode!  
  • You’re Glitchin’ Out - Transform your party into an unstoppable force with Glitch Mode! In Glitch Mode, your base stats are increased and special attacks can now be activated! But be wary, as there are downsides with too much power. Players will also need to activate character-specific dungeon skills or “Bug Skills” to access hard-to-reach areas and hidden treasures!
  • Explore the First Installment in this Glitched-Out World - The World’s Odyssey is now ready to be explored on-the-go for the Nintendo Switch! Newcomers and veterans of the series can traverse through the first installment of this hyper-realistic game world with unique, glitched out environments.




Release date:
April 27, 2021
Nintendo Switch
ESRB descriptor:
Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
Official game website:
Idea Factory International, Inc.
Copyright of the game:
©2021 IDEA FACTORY/COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Death end re;Quest is a trademark of IDEA FACTORY. Licensed to and published by IDEA FACTORY INTERNATIONAL.

12 Reviews

  • 5
    Great game well worth it

    Posted by Antonio on 20th Oct 2022

    This game is amazing you’ll definitely enjoy the gameplay and story. I played the ps4 version. I only wish the trading card for the switch would re-stock I would insta buy this game again just for the card. I have been looking for it forever and can’t find it

  • 5
    Saw a restock

    Posted by Justin Huang on 3rd Jan 2022

    On top of that you get a trading card exclusive here so sure digital cost way less but physical copies has much to a collection, not to mention the reversible cover.

  • 5
    Great game, Fine port

    Posted by Ethel25 on 6th Dec 2021

    Ok I already made a review of this game on the Limited Edition restock version, the game has a great story with lots of interesting dialogue and character interactions. Death End re;Quest is a horror JRPG where the main Character Shina, is stuck in a game with loads of bugs and must find a way to get out! Throughout the course of the story you are to fight dangerous man-eating monsters and make the right decisions during cutscenes to progress. Failing these judgments will either lead to a dark background with monologue (hopefully I worded that right) speaking about these life changing decisions, thus instant game over; or simply fooling you into thinking you made the right course until you realize the characters are dying then “GAME OVER”! The horror and gruesome scenes is what makes this game stand-out the most out of all Compile Heart games and wish for them to continue in the future!

    This is one of my favorite games especially on the Nintendo Switch since you can play it on TV or on the go. I play this mainly in bed at night though roughly speaking, the game could get some frame rate adjustments hopefully but if you are bothered, turn off the shadow rendering and the other option near it (Forgot the other one since I’m working).
    Overall I’m happy with what I got, it’s not perfect but never expected DERQ to port on the Switch sooner; I’ll be waiting for part 2 on the Switch this spring and have HIGH hopes for part 3 for this amazing series!

  • 5
    Death End Re:Quest

    Posted by Jerel Luie on 23rd Nov 2021

    Item arrived in 3 weeks and the item is also in good condition

  • 5
    fun funny and spooky as always!

    Posted by key kun on 21st Nov 2021

    I like the over all feel of this game since it reminds me alot of re zero with the humor and spookiness basically is my favorite of the game series in terms of content and story but mostly because the characters in it are all loveable fun and funny ^^

  • 5
    It’s so pretty.

    Posted by Bagel on 15th Nov 2021

    I’m loving everything about this so far! Shipped fast, the card it came with is cool, and the game is gorgeous for a switch title! Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

  • 4
    Good Game but System Issues

    Posted by Tiffany Jones on 1st Jun 2021

    It's a wonderful game. The gameplay is great and the story is amazing. The only issue is the console. I had no issues with the PS4 version of the game, but sadly the Switch version is very slow and doesn't like to load. I've been stuck on the same part for days now. I've formatted and even replayed the game. Same part keeps getting stuck on "now loading" screen.

    Chapter 3, boss fight won't load.

  • 5
    Good game, physical is king..

    Posted by Justin Tuthill on 1st Jun 2021

    It arrived on my birthday! Due to the acceptable delay I received 3 tradings cards.

    I am not too deep into the game yet but the story and gameplay are good, graphics are fresh.
    having a physical card is for kings.

    Thank you!

  • 4
    DerQ on Switch

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2021

    It's the same game as the PS4 version, for better or worse, with downgraded graphics. This works somewhat in the game's favor however, due to the game within a game is something that was scrapped early in development and now looks kinda bad without looking awful.
    However there is one issue, and that is that the backgrounds on the visual novel portions of the game have the colors pretty heavily faded compared to their PS4 versions. This has been an issue with Compile Heart's recent Switch releases, my import of Mary Skelter Finale has the same issue for example, and I hope IFI will look into fixing that for these games soon.