Neptunia Virtual Stars Limited Edition

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Neptunia Virtual Stars Limited Edition

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The Playstation 4 version includes:

  • PS4 Standard Edition Game
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Steel Game Case
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Official Art Book
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Soundtrack
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Vinyl Soundtrack
  • Reversible Cover Sleeve
  • Collector's Box
  • Trading Card
  • IFI Store Bundle Code (sent via e-mail)

The Steam version includes:

  • Deluxe Steam Key (sent via e-mail)
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Steel Game Case
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Official Art Book
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Soundtrack
  • Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Vinyl Soundtrack
  • Collector's Box
  • Trading Card
  • PC Deluxe Pack Code (sent via e-mail)

Neptunia Virtual Stars Steel Game Case

On Planet Emote you've gotta keep your Content safe from Antis. Now you can do just that with the Neptunia Virtual Stars Steel Game Case! The Neptunia Virtual Stars Steel Game Case features a unique design both inside and outside the case!

Size: 7.5" x 5.12" x 0.63"
Material: Tinplate

Neptunia Virtual Stars Official Art Book

Oh, the worlds you'll go! Ticks to be tocked; beats to be dropped! V-Idols, videos, Content, oh my! And don't forget about that Emotional Overdrive! Keep up the Rhythm and you'll make it oh so far. Oh, the worlds you'll go in... Neptunia Virtual Stars!

Learn all about the worlds and characters you'll meet in the game with the Neptunia™ Virtual Stars Official Art Book!

Size: 6.3" x 8.1"
Pages: 44

Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Soundtrack

Rise to the rhythm of your most revered refrains from Neptunia Virtual Stars and dance your heart out to the Original Soundtrack!

Total Tracks: 25
Total Length: 68:13

Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Vinyl Soundtrack

Own a piece of the historical team up between the Gamindustri Goddesses and MEWTRAL with the Neptunia Virtual Stars Original Vinyl Soundtrack! Each record has a completely unique pink and orange marble design you can call your own.

Included inside:
• Lyric Book - Sing along with the Japanese/Romaji lyrics and English translations.
• "4 Goddesses x MEWTRAL Worlds Tour" Poster - Commemorate one of the greatest performances this side of the Mississippi (and Lastation) with this poster.

Total Tracks: 15
Total Length: 42:07

Vinyl Cover (Size: 13" x 12.6")

- Vinyl Soundtrack
- Lyric Book (Size: 11" x 11", 16 pages)
- "4 Goddesses x MEWTRAL Worlds Tour" Poster (Size: 11.7" x 16.5")

* Each vinyl pattern is unique!

Reversible Cover Sleeve

Like a Vtuber's human alter-ego, Neptunia Virtual Stars features a reversible cover sleeve!

Collector's Box

Jazz up your shelf with the Neptunia Virtual Stars Collector's Box! Featuring a danceable design with the Goddesses, MEWTRAL, and more!

Size: 7.1" x 8.7" x 2.1"

Trading Card

Exclusive to any Standard Edition or Limited Edition purchased from the IFI Online Store.

Size: 3.5" x 2.5"

IFI Store Bundle (PS4 Version Only)*

  • 1 PS4 Dynamic Theme
    • Features theme-exclusive song: "Base: Cloud -Alt Mix-" 
  • 9 PSN Avatars
  • Digital OST (Original Soundtrack) - 25 Tracks

*The IFI Store Bundle will be redeemable through the PSN Store. The PS4 Dynamic Theme is exclusive to the Western release of Neptunia Virtual Stars.

PC Deluxe Pack (Steam Version Only)

  • Digital Art Book
  • Original Soundtrack (25 Tracks)
  • PC Theme
  • 8x PC Wallpapers
  • 9x Mobile Wallpapers



Release date:
PS4, Steam
Hack 'n' Slash
ESRB descriptor:
Fantasy Violence, Language, Suggestive Themes
Official game website:
Idea Factory International, Inc.
Idea Factory/Compile Heart
Copyright of the game:
©2020 IDEA FACTORY/COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Neptunia is a trademark of IDEA FACTORY. Licensed to and published by IDEA FACTORY INTERNATIONAL.

55 Reviews

  • 5
    A Nep-riffic Edition

    Posted by Eric L. on 13th Jul 2021

    A nice L.E. for the release of Virtual Stars. Everything is good quality and well done, feels worth the money, no cheap filler type items. Overall a good amount Nep goodies for your collection and even a record, which is nice.

    Now just get it - support your favorite pudding eating, Dogoo fighting, pink haired Goddess now!

  • 5
    Highly Recommended

    Posted by Amaris L Lucas on 29th Jun 2021

    I was so excited when this came in. I love opening special editions to see all the goodies. Plus the exclusive card is just an added bonus. The venal is awesome as well. Definitely worth the money if you're a collector!

  • 5
    Best Limited Edition IMO

    Posted by Chris on 12th Apr 2021

    All the contents of this limited edition was really great. I listened to the vinyl soundtrack while looking through all the art book and lyrics book. I stopped buying limited editions until this one. Honestly, the vinyl soundtrack is what sealed the deal. Fantastic work on this one and I hope more vinyl soundtracks like this are on the way!

  • 5
    So amazing

    Posted by Marc Fortin-Labrie on 7th Apr 2021

    The collector edition is very nice. The arts, music and design are amazing. Can't wait to complete this game.

  • 5

    Posted by Alex Lee on 2nd Apr 2021

    This game is very fun and cute

  • 5
    Great for diehard Neptunia collectors!

    Posted by Juan Araujo on 1st Apr 2021

    Enjoyed the amount of content put in for this collectors set. Appealing artwork, Artbook, soundtrack, trading cards, vinyl CD, etc. Happy 10th Anniversary Nep!

  • 5
    Neptunia Virtual Stars!

    Posted by Jason Gomez on 30th Mar 2021

    Both the Limited edition and the game itself are amazing!! I love the goodies you get with the LE, also the game is amazing!!! The combat is fun and satisfying and the story and characters are great!! Although I do wish that more Vtubers were able to be playable and I also wish that items based on the Vtubers were available in game, for example outfits based the Vtubers, or accessories for the characters based on the Vtubers, like if Subaru from Hololive was added players could possibly find her hat and other things of that nature. Another thing is that I wish the Vtubers could've played into their personalities and jokes as well have a more impactful inclusion in game. Other than that I'm very happy with Neptunia Virtual Stars, I'm glad that Idea Factory blessed us with this amazing game and I can't wait to Nep some bad guys up!

  • 5
    neptunia virtual stars

    Posted by juan castrillon on 25th Mar 2021

    I hope you would include more vinyl in your limited edition other than that I'm very happy with my purchase

  • 5
    Nepify my Life

    Posted by Keith Bailey on 25th Mar 2021

    I am not disappointed in my purchase of this Nep box. I have purchased every limited edition since 2016 and I will keep on supporting Idea Factory and Compile Heart for more Nep!

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