Pudding Points

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We will be winding down the Pudding Points rewards program. The last day to earn new Pudding Points will be 5/19. Please see this post for more details:

Pudding Points are a fun new way to shop at IFI's Online Store! For each order you place, your account will automatically be given 5% CASH BACK to use as store credit on future orders! Want to save up those points over time? You can choose to use your payment method of choice at checkout and keep raking in the dough... er, pudding.


  • You MUST be logged in to an IFI's Online Store account before placing an order to earn Pudding Points. Guest checkouts will NOT earn Pudding Points, and we CANNOT award them after an order has been placed.
  • By default, any Pudding Points you may have on your account will be used at checkout. If you wish to save your Pudding Points for later, be sure to uncheck the box!
  • Orders that get refunded which used Pudding Points will be refunded in the amount of Pudding Points used.
  • Pudding Points will be given once your order has been marked as SHIPPED.
  • Pudding Points are NOT given for any orders placed before 6/23/2020 at 12:00AM PT.
  • 5% cash back based on order subtotal (shipping and tax not included in calculation).
  • Pudding Points CANNOT be exchanged for cash under ANY circumstances.
  • Pudding Points are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  • We may end the Pudding Points rewards program at any time.