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Purple Heart Mousepad

* Limited stock available!

At IFI, we believe ergonomics and wrist comfort are vital for extended sessions on a personal computer. The orthopedics of Gamindustri agree with us. That's why we've teamed up with them to present a mousepad fashioned after Planeptune's own Goddess to provide you with optimal wrist support. We hope you enjoy it. We know your wrist will.

Size: 8.9" x 10.5"

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    A Very Comfy Mousepad

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2023

    It's in a Good Quality, and it's very comfy to use.

  • 5
    Purple Heart Mousepad

    Posted by John on 9th Feb 2023

    Amazing quality, soft material, ample support.
    Planeptune always delivers!

    Now, if only we had the other CPUs.

  • 5
    Purple Heart Mousepad - Back in stock!

    Posted by RICARDO on 18th Nov 2022

    Great Mousepad the quality of the product is the best. I recommend 100%

  • 5
    Purple Heart Mousepad

    Posted by Ricardo on 31st May 2022

    This is the best product is a master piece. I hope to see a Mouse pad of Black heart or Noire or Nepgear or Vert

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Justin on 25th Apr 2022

    I was really surprised by the quality of this mouse pad. While everything on IFI'S store seems to sell out in 5 minutes if you can find this and want to pick one up for yourself I say go for it. I am a Neptunia fan, and while this is more of funny joke buy, it really surprised me with how well it is made.

  • 5
    Very nice and puffy Mousepad!

    Posted by Ethel25 on 22nd Apr 2022

    I never thought I’d get my hands on a Purple Heart mousepad! It’s well designed and very soft. Though I do not own a PC yet I will keep this baby safe from harm. Delivery was a quick and safe as usual 5-Star!
    Would like to see more of these with other Compile Heart characters!

  • 5
    Oddly supportive on the wrist

    Posted by Captain Scarlet on 17th Apr 2022

    Neptune stopping rsi syndrome